Hello (Old) World

Can’t have a new presence on the Web without a post about it, right? Something along the lines of what coders call a “Hello World” message to signify that they’ve either reached functional state of a system or, well, hacked into a system to tell it what to do on a whim. For Farkonas.eu this post is kind of the former, so… “Hello World”. Didn’t even have to hack into anything, just do a bit of fast work.

The Farkonas.eu website is meant to complement Farkonas.com as a professional at-a-glance page about yours truly (it even carries most of the same content). It’s totally different, of course, to Farkonas.gr which is content-centric. To be honest, Farkonas.eu exists partly because, well, the domain name was available (extremely rare to find your surname available on a top-level domain these days), partly because there might still be a point in having a “European” presence alongside a “global” one. Even if politicians and bureaucrats make every effort to shatter the European Dream (sic) with their incompetence and short-sighted antics.

The WordPress theme used in Farkonas.eu, though, is identical to the one used in Farkonas.com (the lovely Shoreditch which can lead to great results with some experimentation), as are the images. The website icon is different, though, and some of the posts may differ over time. All in the spirit of, well, European identity. Or something.

In any case, here it is. Have a look and drop a line or comment about it if you feel like it. Cheers!

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